Saturday, 19 September 2015

Annie's Rainbow by Fern Michaels

I really enjoyed this book, it was a reasonably lightweight book but I found it an entertaining and quick read. Unlike another book I am wading my way through at the moment (hopefully I will be able to review it sometime soon) the language was easy to read. Although I found some of the dialogue a bit odd because of the way the characters went from one subject to another in the same breath without waiting for a response to any of the things they had said in the previous few minutes. I felt it resembled the way Rory and Lorelai speak in The Gilmore Girls, but written down it doesn't work as well as it does spoken. I have already recommended it to my mum and made the comment that I felt like I could write a story like this as it did not go into too much detail on any particular subject and it didn't read as if Michaels had needed to do a whole lot of research in order to write it.
Finished on 20 March 2009


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