Monday, 28 September 2015

Velocity by Dean Koontz

8/4 - Another quick read by Dean Koontz, also similar to Intensity in that it wasn’t as scary as I hoped it would be. As I was reading it I often found myself skimming some of the paragraphs because I felt like something scary was going to happen, but it never did, the scary scenes came out of nowhere. Despite the fact that I wasn’t expecting the scary scene I didn’t get a fright or even a start, the tension just didn’t build the way I would have expected it to. Kind of like a horror movie without the creepy music. I enjoyed the story but thought it had a lot more potential than it showed in the actual writing. Koontz could have made it a lot more thrilling if there had been a few more notes left for Billy – killing more of his friends, maybe. I didn’t understand why he put so many chapters in the book; there were 77 at the end, some of them only two pages long. I also didn’t get exactly why Valis wrote the notes or why he chose Billy, he said something about Billy’s short stories but I don’t think that fully explains his motive.
Finished on 7 April 2009


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