Saturday, 12 September 2015

Ripe for Pleasure (The League of Second Sons, #1) by Isobel Carr

Not as good as I had hoped. The romance was frequent but short lived. One minute they'd be walking along a path in a garden, the next they're at it behind a bush and then half a page later it's all over. There was no lead up to most of the romantic scenes, which kind of killed the actual romance of the scene. I finished the book in a few days, but I wasn't all the interested to see how it ended. The characters weren't as engaging as they could/should have been. There's a preview of the next book in the series at the back, which is about the scandal-plagued younger sister of the male lead from this book - that one looks more promising so I'll give the author another try before I take her off my list of authors to read.

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