Saturday, 19 September 2015

First Among Sequels (Thursday Next, #5) by Jasper Fforde

Actually 4.5 stars. I really enjoyed it but it lost that ½ a star because it wasn’t quite as funny as the first four books in the Thursday Next series. This is the only book that has really had a cliff hanger so I know that he’s going to write another one. I was a little disappointed that he got rid of the “Friday’s going to be a time traveling hero” storyline because I really liked that idea. It was a bit weird reading Thursday as a 50 year old - maybe that was why I didn’t find it quite as funny as the previous books. I did finally get one of the jokes from the previous books – Millon De Floss’ name is a pun on George Eliot’s book Mill On The Floss, which, because I had never heard of any of Eliot’s books I didn’t get, but since I started reading Middlemarch and found out that we actually have a copy of Mill On The Floss I now get the joke.
Finished on 26 March 2009


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